June 15, 2024

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Medicare Advantage Plans: Keeping Up with 2024 Updates

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The Medicare Advantage plans continue to evolve, and 2024 is set to introduce more changes that you should watch out for in advance. The government’s push for healthcare reforms continues, and as a beneficiary, you need to be aware of the changes to Medicare Advantage plans. In this article, we will highlight everything you need to know about the latest Medicare Advantage plans 2024.

Enhanced Benefits

One of the major improvements in 2024 Medicare Advantage plans is the addition of new benefits. This means that beneficiaries will have access to more health-related services that were not covered before. The new benefits are aimed at improving patient outcomes, and they include palliative care, adult day care services, and in-home support. The new additions are a significant improvement, as they give beneficiaries more access to preventative care.

Lower costs

In 2024, more Medicare Advantage plans will be available at lower costs. This means that beneficiaries can save money on premiums, deductibles, and copayments. A study by the Kaiser Family Foundation revealed that in 2024, the average premium for a Medicare Advantage plan could be as low as $25. The lower costs will make Medicare Advantage plans more accessible to seniors who may have been unable to afford them in the past.


The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for telehealth services. In 2024, beneficiaries will have the option to access telehealth services at lower costs. This means that they can get medical services without leaving their homes, which is more convenient and safer. The 2024 Medicare Advantage plan is expected to provide access to telehealth services such as virtual consultations, remote monitoring, and electronic prescription services.

Value-based care

The traditional fee-for-service model used in Medicare Advantage plans will be replaced with a value-based care model in 2024. This model will prioritize the quality of care rather than the number of services provided. The new model will ensure that beneficiaries receive more focused care that covers their unique needs. Value-based care will improve the patient outcomes and reduce the overall cost of healthcare.

Access to Nutritionists

The latest 2024 Medicare Advantage plan will provide access to nutritionists. Nutritional counseling services were not covered in past Medicare Advantage plans, but they will be covered in 2024 plans. Nutritional counseling services can help seniors maintain healthy diets, manage chronic health conditions, and prevent or manage other health problems.


The new 2024 Medicare Advantage plans will offer significant enhancements for beneficiaries. The lower costs, telehealth services, and access to nutritional counseling and other benefits are all aimed at improving patient outcomes. It is important for beneficiaries to be aware of the changes and take advantage of the new benefits and services that are offered. Overall, the 2024 Medicare Advantage plans will help seniors maintain better health and wellness outcomes into their golden years.