July 20, 2024

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The Issue With GMO Food

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GMOs (Genetically modified food) are among the greatest health disasters, these were introduced in 1996 and ever since then within nine years multiple chronic illnesses leaped from 7% to 13% and food allergic reactions have bending. ‘The American Academy of Ecological Medicine’ has advised doctors to prescribe non-GMO diets as research has shown GMO foods cause vital organ damage, defense mechanisms problems, faster aging, infertility and structural regulation if insulin and cholesterol.

Genetically modified food works to ensure that crops for example corn and soya are modified to enable them to withstand the herbicides which are sprayed around the crop to get rid of the weeds try not to get rid of the crop. You will find concerns that GM foods could pose threat, including antibiotic resistance, development of new toxins and the rise in allergic reactions. GM foods tend to be more broadly used now plus they needn’t be labeled which means you, the customer, can purchase GM foods and never understand it. Also pollen, bees, insects and wind can move this contaminated crop to nearby organic crops multiplication of this may be disastrous. Research through the college of Newcastle in 2002 got individuals to eat GM food and located that whenever just one meal the GM material moved from the food and joined the gut bacteria and continued to be there lengthy once they stopped eating the GM food, affecting its role in digestion and protection from the gut.

In america about 85% from the corn grown is genetically engineered and 91-93% of soy beans are genetically engineered. Therefore almost all the meals you purchase that contains either corn or soy contains GMO unless of course it’s organic. Other common foods include cottonseed, canola, milk that contains rbGH, rennet (accustomed to make hard cheeses) and aspartame (NutraSweet). You should also avoid their derivatives, including maltodextrin, soy lecitin and fructose corn syrup.