April 17, 2024

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Know More About The Best Selling Taste And Finery Of A Gin Tanqueray

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There are several types of alcoholic beverages that have remained popular over the years. It is safe to say that Whiskey has always been a topper in a list of favourite among consumers. And this is not without reason too – there are several makes and blends of this drink which makes it special among consumers. However in recent years the popularity and demand for Vodka and Gin has seen a steady growth as well. While Vodka has always had a neat following but the taste and comfort offered by Gin is fast catching up among its patrons across the world.

Which Is The Bestselling Gin In The World

Among all the brands selling Gin Tanqueray remains the most sought after and popular. This is one of the finest brands that is backed with a recipe created by Charles Tanqueray in the 1830s.  among all the major brands that use the peels of citrus fruits in the process of making the drink, this is one company that has taken a step forward in using Seville oranges in full thus augmenting the bold citrusy flavours further. Also used are eight kinds of herbs that bring a definite greenness to the drink that further refines the taste. Popular names of Angelica Root, Coriander, Juniper and Liquorice feature among the herbs used in the making of this drink.

How To Enjoy A Drink Of Gin

Gin is used in making a large variety of cocktails, famous among which is Gin and Tonic. This is a ratio combination of Gin and Tonic Water served with a lot of ice. However connoisseurs can enjoy the drink on its own as well; it is popularly served chilled along with cubes of ice and topped with a wedge of lime. Traditionally lime was also squeezed in the drink by a measure; however that can be added or left out depending on personal choices.